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  15th Monday 16th Tuesday 17th Wednesday 18th Thursday
8:30   Registration Registration  
8:45 Registration Welcome Speech
9:00 Keynote 1
Massimo Caccia
Keynote 2
Laurent Najman
Keynote 3
Dominique Attali
9:45 1st day welcome speech
10:00 Tutorial Lecture:
“Connected Morphology: Theory and Practical Applications in Astronomy”
Michael H.F. Wilkinson
S1 – Computational aspects of
Discrete Structures and Tilings
S4 – Digital geometry: Models,
Transforms and Visualization
S7 – Learning Based Morphology
11:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:30 Tutorial Lecture:
“Digital Geometry”
David Coeurjolly and Jacques-Olivier Lachaud
S2: Discrete and
Combinatorial Topology
S5 – Mathematical Morphology and
Discrete Geometry for Applications
S8 – Hierachical and Graph-Based Models,
Analysis and Segmentation
13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00   S3 – Learning Based Morphology S6 – Hierachical and Graph-Based Models,
Analysis and Segmentation
S9 – Digital geometry: Models, Transforms, and Visualization
14:30 Tutorial Lecture:
“CAT and DT Image Reconstruction Problem”
Paolo Dulio
15:00 Poster session:
Teasers for Posters
15:30 Supplementary Session
Spin offs presentation
Social Event Farewell Speech
16:00 Coffee break  
16:30 Poster session:
Poster exposure
17:00 Coffee break
17:30   IAPR meeting
18:00 Welcome cocktail SC meeting – Discussion
19:30 Social Dinner