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The proceedings have been published by Springer in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 14605.

Session chair: Simone Rinaldi 
Massimo CacciaRandom Power: in-silco quantum generation of random bit streams
Session chair: Yukiko Kenmochi 
Laurent NajmanPower-Watershed: a graph-based optimization framework for image and data processing
Session chair: Isabelle Sivignon 
Dominique AttaliShape Reconstruction with Guarantees

S1: Computational aspects of discrete structures and tilings

Session chair: Kalman Palagy
Authors Title
Mark Tomenes and Ma. Louise Antonette De Las PenasConstruction of Tilings with Transitivity Properties on a Square Grid
Michela Ascolese, Paolo Dulio and Silvia PaganiSome geometric and tomographic results on gray-scale images

S2: Discrete and Combinatorial Topology

Session chair: Benedek Nagy
Authors Title
Gilles BertrandMorse sequences
Kalman Palagyi1-Attempt and Equivalent Thinning on the Hexagonal Grid
Etienne Le Quentrec, Etienne Baudrier and Clément JacquotA survey on 2D Euclidean curves with new results

S3: Learning Based Morphology

Session chair: Jean Cousty
Valentin Penaud-Polge, Santiago Velasco-Forero and Jesus AnguloGroup Equivariant Networks Using Morphological Operators
Rick Groenendijk, Leo Dorst and Theo GeversHaarNet: Large-scale Linear-Morphological Hybrid Network for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation

S4: Digital geometry: Models, Transforms, and Visualization

Session chair: Walter Kropatsch
Bastien Laboureix and Isabelle Debled-RennessonRecognition of arithmetic line segments and hyperplanes using the Stern-Brocot tree
Stéphane Breuils, David Coeurjolly and Jacques-Olivier LachaudConstruction of Fast and Accurate 2D Bijective Rigid Transformation

S5: Mathematical Morphology + Digital Geometry for applications

Session chair: Michael Wilkinson
Xiaohu Liu, Samy Blusseau and Santiago Velasco-ForeroCounting melanocytes with trainable h-maxima and connected components counting layers
Gonzalo Romero-García, Isabelle Bloch and Agon CarlosMathematical Morphology Applied to Feature Extraction in Music Spectrograms
Sara Marziali, Giacomo Nunziati, Alessia Prete, Neri Niccolai, Sara Brunetti and Monica BianchiniA Discrete Geometry Method for Atom Depth Computation in Complex Molecular Systems

Session chair: Hugues Talbot
Julien Mendes Forte, Nicolas Passat and Yukiko KenmochiBuilding the Topological Tree of Shapes from the Tree of Shapes
Raphaël Lapertot, Giovanni Chierchia and Benjamin PerretEnd-to-end Ultrametric Learning for Hierarchical Segmentation

Session chair: Jesus Angulo
Raoul Sallé de Chou, Mohamed Ali Srir, Laurent Najman, Nicolas Passat, Hugues Talbot and Irene Vignon-ClementelConvex Optimization for Binary Tree-Based Transport Networks
Diego Marcondes and Junior BarreraThe Lattice Overparametrization Paradigm for the Machine Learning of Lattice Operators

Session chair: Phuc Ngo
Josselin Lefèvre, Jean Cousty, Benjamin Perret and Harold PhelippeauOut-of-core attribute algorithms for binary partition hierarchies
Romain Perrin, Aurélie Leborgne, Nicolas Passat, Benoît Naegel and Cédric WemmertMulti-Scale Component-Tree: An Hierarchical Representation of Sparse Objects
Marvin Kahra, Michael Breuß, Martin Welk and Andreas KleefeldAn Approach to Colour Morphological Supremum Formation using the LogSumExp Approximation

Session chair: Lidija Comic
Dennis José da Silva, Paulo Miranda, Wonder Alexandre Luz Alves, Ronaldo Hashimoto, Jiri Kosinka and Jos RoerdinkDifferential Maximum Euclidean Distance Transform Computation in Component Trees
Colin Weill-Duflos, David Coeurjolly and Jacques-Olivier LachaudDigital Calculus Frameworks and Comparative Evaluation of their Laplace-Beltrami operators
Jiří Hladůvka and Walter KropatschFitting egg-shapes to discretized object boundaries
Diego Marcondes, Mariana Feldman and Junior BarreraAn Algorithm to Train Unrestricted Sequential Discrete Morphological Neural Networks
Nicolas Passat, Phuc Ngo and Yukiko KenmochiBijectivity analysis of finite rotations on Z^2: A hierarchical approach
Paul Lascabettes and Isabelle BlochDiscovering Repeated Patterns from the Onsets in a Multidimensional Representation of Music
Lidija Comic, Rita Zrour, Eric Andres and Largeteau-Skapin GaëlleBijective Digital Rotation in 3D based on Beam Shears
Esfandiar Nava-YazdaniElastic Analysis of Augmented Curves and Constrained Surfaces
Gilles Bertrand and Laurent NajmanMorse frames
Fabien Feschet and Jacques-Olivier LachaudNew characterizations of full convexity
Tristan Roussillon and Sébastien LabbéDecomposition of Rational Discrete Planes
Samy BlusseauTraining morphological neural networks with gradient descent: some insights
Luiz F.D. Santos, Felipe A.S. Kleine and Paulo A. V. MirandaImage Segmentation by Hierarchical Layered Oriented Image Foresting Transform Subject to Closeness Constraints
Jesus AnguloNonlinear representation theory of equivariant CNNs on homogeneous spaces using group morphology
Benedek NagyA Kahlimsky like neighbourhood for the triangular tiling
Lama Tarsissi, Ahmed A. Menaa, Laurent Vuillon and Laurent NajmanA geometric point of view on Synchronization of three-Christoffel words
Julien Mendes Forte, Nicolas Passat and Yukiko KenmochiHow to Modify the Tree of Shapes of an Image: Connected Operators Without Gradient Inversion